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Express your opinion and earn cash rewards
Voice your opinion on a wide spectrum of fascinating topics, ranging from new products to politics and social issues. Make your opinion count, while also earning cash incentives each time you complete a survey.

Why join SurveyOasis?

1. There is no charge for joining.
2. You are paid for each survey completed (the cash amount is indicated at the start of each survey).
3. Quick payouts, no long waits.
4. You can reduce the frequency of survey invitations according to your preference.
5. Participation in surveys is 100% voluntary.

Please click on the register button to join the panel. Please note: You must be 15 years of age or older, and be a resident of the country selected.
Paid online survey benefits
Earn cash filling in surveys
  • Choose to receive payments via PayPal, Gcodes or Virtual Visa.
  • PayPal allows you to withdraw to your bank account or buy from online stores with PayPal directly. Read more under 'rewards'.
  • Our low withdrawal minimum means you can withdraw more quickly.
  • No long waits. After you request a withdrawal payment is usually made within 72 hours.
  • Have a say in how company products and services are developed, and improve the policy decisions of governments and non-profits.
  • Convenient: invites are sent to your email inbox , or you can login and view the available surveys.
  • Respond when you want, or click decline if you wish to skip a survey.
  • Answers are anonymous and not linked to your details unless you give permission.
  • We send only a limited amount of invitations, you will not be swamped with emails. You can change the frequency.
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