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Getting invited to more surveys

SurveyOasis USA
Published by Staff writer in Tips · 19 February 2021
Tags: Paidsurveyapps
A frequent question we get runs along the lines of "How do I get invited to more surveys?". Well, besides filling in your online profile, there are two other ways to increase the number of surveys that panelists ignore.

Login to the app more often

Some surveys may not reach your inbox, or not be sent out at all. That’s why logging into the SurveyOasis paid survey website or phone app is advisable. When you login you will see all of the surveys currently available for you to attempt. In the example below, one survey for 3.62 USD is available. Try as many as possible as you will only qualify for some. By making logging in a regular habit, and being persistent, you will increase your rewards balance more rapidly than the average SurveyOasis paid survey panelist.

Whitelist the email

Remember to whitelist the email address. Simply look at any of the paid survey invites you receive to get the email address. Add this to your email software’s whitelist. This will ensure invites to participate in surveys are not placed into the spam folder by accident. Spam filters are sometimes erratic and unpredictable, filtering out emails that you want. The reason for the filtering is sometimes rather arbitrary - for instance the appearance of bold script, colors, or keywords.

A little known fact is that certain employers deliberately filter out surveys, so it is usually better to use your own private email. There are many options available, here are just a few:


Persistence and ranking

Lastly, just being persistent pays off in the end. Panelists who try and try again, and are honest in their responses get higher ranking and are more likely to be invited when limited opportunities exist.

So in summary, apply these principles 1.) login more 2.) white list your email and 3.) be persistent and you’ll be able to boost the number of surveys even further.

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