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Surveys that pay via PayPal

SurveyOasis USA
Published by Staff writer in Tips · 13 November 2020
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Surveys that pay via PayPal

In addition to the GCodes option, SurveyOasis pays for surveys via PayPal. In order to redeem your accumulated balance, simply login and select the rewards tab. Then click on redeem next to the PayPal option.
This would usually be processed within 48 hours or so and automatically converted by PayPal to your local currency if you are outside of the United States. Remember that your PayPal account email address is the same as a bank account number, it uniquely identifies the account as your own. Therefore make sure the email you register on SurveyOasis with is the same, since this is automatically assumed to be the same email and is used by the payment processing system when issuing payments in response to redemption requests from members. Also make sure to confirm receipt with PayPal within the time limit they specify, and follow any rules applicable to your specific country.

PayPal  versus points

The advantage to surveys that use pay using PayPal instead of points is that you receive actual cash rather than having to deal with the hassle of a point system going through a limited store with limited options. A point system is a virtual currency, of sorts, not real money. There are likely time limits on its usefulness and its future value is nowhere near as certain as a currency supported by a government. The company could always go bankrupt and you would possibly lose any accumulated points (depending on where you stand in terms of creditor priority.

PayPal versus gift cards

In comparison, payments using PayPal are also easier to manage than payments using gift cards. Gift cards mean you need to deal with the additional hassle of redeeming the gift card from the store, and there is also the problem of unused money on a gift card. Sometimes you lose it if it is not used within a certain period of time. In order to find out you would need to go to the trouble of reading store card terms and conditions. At the end of the day it is not the same as cash - either stored in your PayPal balance or withdrawn to your bank account.

PayPal versus reward providers like Gcodes

A third possibility are reward providers like GCodes. While GCodes is denominated in an actual currency, such as the US dollar, it is limited in that you can only select options available within the GCode's store. Such options might include things like physical store gift cards and items that you can purchase within the GCodes store online. Obviously this is a lot more limiting than cash. Further, GCodes only lets you see what is in the GCodes store once you redeem and are ready to buy.

PayPal versus prizes

Some survey panels rewards participants with entries into prize draws. While some may prefer this, keep in mind there is no guarantee you will win. The larger the panel the lower the odds you will win a specific prize.  You could fill in many surveys before ever winning anything, unless the panel compensates by offering more prizes as it grows.

Further there is the issue of preference. If the survey panel offers physical prizes, you may find yourself winning something you don't want.


So to wrap up, PayPal is better than many options, ranging from points to gift cards and reward providers. So to wrap up, PayPal is better than many options, ranging from points to gift cards and reward providers; but the end of the day it is up to you what you prefer. Whatever you do, make sure you read any guidelines and follow the rules of the service provider.

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