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Frequently asked questions

Please check the frequently asked questions below before contacting support.

Q. How does it work?

A. When a survey is available you will be sent an email invitation, or alternatively you can login to see what surveys are available. The specific cash reward you will accumulate and/or prize draw will be indicated along with the estimated time. You can check your accumulated balance by logging in. To withdraw you must login and redeem.

Q. How do I register?

A. Please go to the registration page by clicking start now on the home page, or login from the menu above.

Q. I can't login?

A. Please check the following:

- If you copy paste, make sure you did not accidentally include a space at the end. A space is seen as a character by the system.
- Check that you did not use the wrong case - the system is case sensitive.
- As a last resort, click "forgot your password". Go to: - Look for the email sent. If you can't find it, look in your spam   folder.
- If you cannot see the login / register section, check that you are not using DuckDuckGo plugin with Chrome. If so switch off.

Q. Where can I insert name and contact details for payment processing?

A. Login. Click profile tab. Look on the right for an arrow pointing right. Click on that.

Q. How do I withdraw my money?

A. Login and indicate you want to redeem. Choose between PayPal and Gcodes. PayPal requires you to claim your payment within 30 days of receipt. Gcodes doesn't allow you to get cash directly, instead you either purchase a product on their online store with points you are given, or get a gift voucher for use in certain physical stores. Read more on the rewards page.

Q. Why did the survey take less/more time than indicated?

A. Time estimates vary, but the usual assumption is 3 questions per minute. However, actual times vary due to device differences (smartphones are slower), internet speed, individual differences and question differences. Also remember 'screening questions' (e.g. demographics and product usage) are used to decide if you fit the target profile for a survey at the start, and these are not included. Please address all concerns regarding deviations in relation to a specific survey's length

Q. Why am I asked the same questions over and over again?

A. If you did not qualify for the survey, the system may automatically try to help you find another survey - these other surveys may also have similar screener questions (generally demographic questions - e.g. such as gender, age and income). Another indication that this automated process has started, is if you see you have moved websites a few times, or that the websites name is "".

Q. Why don't I qualify for some surveys?

A. Each survey has a different target profile. Examples:

The topic of research is a new economy bakkie, the researchers only wish to interview males who do not already own a bakkie, work in a trade and are younger than 60 years.

Research on old age homes is being conducted - researchers only wish to interview people over 60 years in a higher income bracket, who have certain medical conditions.

A new low-cost baby milk powder is the topic of research, the researcher is only looking for: Lower-income females with a baby in a certain age range.

Q. How can I qualify for more surveys, and get screened out less?

A. Login and fill in your profile. Researchers often use this profile to decide who to invite, and so by filling this in you will get more relevant invitations that you are more likely to qualify for, thus saving you time in the long run.

Q. I can't get the CAPTCHA to work when registering?

A. You need to type it exactly as shown, with the same case and punctuation. Also note that there may be more than one word.

Q. How do I get more survey invitations?

A: Here are some tips:

  • Ensure your profile is completed - researchers often use this to select participants. It also helps reduce screen outs.
  • Make sure you whitelist our email address.
  • Make sure that invitations are not being sent to the spam folder.
  • Avoid using Boxbe, since our invite system is automated and Boxbe requires a manual response from our side to ensure the invitation gets through.
  • Login to see what surveys are on your dashboard, and you will sometimes find surveys you haven't received an email for, as only a limited number of emails are sent depending on the required number of completed interviews.
  • Demand for research varies from week to week and we have no control over this.

Q. I could not continue the survey...

A. There are a number of possible reasons:

  • The browser may have issues - it is best to use Chrome, Firefox, Opera or IE as these are the most common browsers.
  • You are using a smartphone. It is better to use a laptop/PC.
  • You did not qualify for the survey based on your answers.
  • You are participating from your work computer and your firm may not allow you to access a new website that you were passed to during the survey.
  • You need to ensure you allow cookies.
  • You stopped the survey half-way through and went back later - sometimes the survey may have closed in the interim, as only a certain number of completed interviews are required.

Q. I can't see the login / registration form?

A. If you cannot see the form below, please make sure you don't have plugins that may interfere (such as DuckDuckgo) and that you didn't accidentally disable Javascript.
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