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Privacy Policy Summary

This page provides a brief summary of the Privacy Policy for your convenience, but does not replace it.

  1. Cookies may be used to assess advert and other marketing communications performance when you visit this website. If you wish, you can choose not to consent to cookies or choose not to accept cookies by adjusting your web browser’s privacy settings to delete cookies upon exiting websites or when you close your browser. You may also configure your browser to block cookies. Not providing consent, deleting cookies or blocking cookies may exclude you from participating in surveys or other market research programs or negatively impact your user experience.
  2. Upon registering you may also agree to additional cookies, as governed by the Privacy Policy. You may also receive requests to consent to specific additional research related cookies.
  3. Personal data that you may consent to providing during the course of your membership with Survey Oasis is governed by the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions to which you will provide explicit consent to on the sign up page, if you choose to register as a panel member (panelist).
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