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How does it work?
When a survey is available you will be sent an email invitation, or alternatively you can login to see what surveys are available. The specific cash reward you will accumulate and/or prize draw will be indicated along with the estimated time. You can check your accumulated balance by logging in. To withdraw you must login and redeem (see below).
Cash rewards
There are four payments options:

Option 1: Withdraw to your PayPal account and then from there to your bank account in Rands (converted from US$ to Rand automatically by PayPal) . At the time of writing 1 USD = R17 approximately. Ensure that the email you register with matches your PayPal email. Go here for PayPal withdrawal instructions.
Option 2: Use your PayPal account ' directly ' to shop online. Note, regulations vary from country to country.
Option 3: Withdraw to Gcodes and either shop in the Gcodes store or convert to store vouchers that you can use to purchase items in certain physical stores. Airtime is also available as of the time of writing. Go here for Gcodes usage instructions.
Option 4: Create and withdraw to a Virtual Visa Reward Card. Go here for withdrawal instructions.
When can you withdraw?
Once you reach or exceed the 7 US$ threshold, login to request that you are paid by clicking 'redeem' next to your preferred option. Usually you will be paid within 1 to 4 days.
From time to time surveys may include prize draws. The survey-invitation email will indicate what the prizes are and how many prizes are offered at that particular time. Alternatively, some prize draws may run in the background without your having to complete a survey. Pay attention to the login page and social media for these types of draws. Make sure you login and complete your profile in order to qualify for entry.
Product samples
On occasion, you may be invited to test a new product, which may be sent to your home or tested at a central venue.
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