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How to redeem rewards to the Virtual Visa Card option

You can get a Virtual Visa Card (even if you don't have a credit card account) in order to receive your reward and to shop online. Login and select "redeem" next to the option marked "Virtual Visa".

You will receive an email containing the Virtual Visa Reward Card, usually in 1 to 4 days. Please follow the instructions in the email and click on the buttons / links indicated.

You will be sent to "My Digital Wallet". If you already have an account, login and proceed to your Digital Wallet to make your payment selection. If this is your first time you will need to create a Digital Wallet account, this can be done by clicking "Create Wallet" at the bottom right of the login. Follow the instructions there.

You will be directed to the profile page, please fill out this page (all fields are required), check the box at the bottom for electronic account notices, and select continue to complete your registration and proceed to your payment. The following page will show your payment as well as 2 payment options available, choose your preferred option. You will be asked to view and confirm your selection. Once confirmed please read the terms and select agree. You have now activated your Virtual Visa, you will find the card information on the page and you will also receive a confirmation via email.

You are now ready to use your new Virtual Visa Card.

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